Private Pen Testing

Private Pen Testing

We have a team of highly skilled nerdz with very particular skill sets. Our Red Team is a little different to the average corporate "Cyber Security".

How different? You will need to contact us to find out.

Our service does require that you sign our terms and conditions if you want us to help you. The listed price represents the base package, and may not include the full range of services required for your individual needs, with additional costs applying as necessary. Our service is demand based and therefore not all applications will be accepted.

Do your business a favour - if you are currently using your own internal or external pen testing team then ask them one question:

"Do they know what a captain crunch whistle is ?"

If they look strangely at you then you should get in touch now because we can answer that and all WordPress security questions and fully address your concerns.

You do not need to be a hacker to think like one.

Ready to get started?

Purchase our Penetration Testing service and we'll get in touch with you to find the holes in your web security as soon as possible!